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Leza Boyland

aka Mz. MaKers - Liverpool (UK)


Martinez FX

aka Jesus Martinez - New York (USA)

Miss Leza Boyland is a pure UK singer/songwriter, producer and graduated “Popular Music” teacher at Liverpool University. She has worked with a huge number of artists, producers and record labels, getting involved in different projects going from Techno/House music to Chill Out/Electro. Her artistic versatility generates many collaboration with some of the worldwide top electronic music composer as Deniz Kurtel (Crosstown Rebel—USA 2012), Matan Caspi (OUTTA LIMITS Rec.—UK / Israel) and Frankie Esse (Unison Records—UK). Also named “Mz Makers” in her own musical projects, she’s currently one of the most interesting female voice of the electronic music world.

Currently Leza Boyland is the Official Greenlab singer for the new album in progress.

Mr. Jesus Martinez (Cuba / Miami / New York) is also and already known with his artist name and project MARTINEZ FX (MFX Music—NY). Leader of the seminal New Wave group called Zenen, he’s currently also leader and voice of the Indie/Electro band called DESIRE LINES, based in New York—USA. Hot, melodic, powerful and creative, Martinez had his first album “HEATENS” mixed by Alap “Oktopus” Momin from the alternative hip-hop duo Dalek (Ipecac Records) giving the album a rock vibe. With this debut, Martinez FX establishes himself as a pioneer in Dance music, energetically destroying boundaries between genres. Debut Album and HEATHENS EP featuring remixes by House of Stank, AKDK and Greenlab. We are proud to define him “one of the most beautiful male voices ever heard”.





Rossella Cosentino

aka In Trio Acoustic Shades —Jazz (ITALY)

Ricardo “ASK” Phillips is a real Vocal phenomenon born in the Barbados Islands and currently based in Italy. Already known  as Adam Clay / Mr.Babylonia he was the voice of many Pop-Dance Top Chart Hit Singles as “Babylonia” or the recent “Beautiful Life” (Ocean’s Four 2012).

He started kickin' at the end of the last millennium, after five years spent playing music on the streets of Amsterdam. The simply amazing Ricardo is an Official Greenlab friend and vocalist since 2006: his previos track Bad This Time (LP “ECHOSYSTEM” Greenlab—Irma Rec. 2008), was a great Electro-Funk success! The fresh Single Track + EP called “HEALING” (Greenlab—Irma Rec. 2013) and his related remixes, is considered one of the most important international Drum&Bass/Dubstep production of the moment.

The simply armoniuos voice of Rossella Cosentino was the first Greenlab experience with a singer. She’s also the author of the first Greenlab international success: the track Space Cafè.

Currently Rossella, Marco Berti (bass player of the Amsterdam Street Knowledge reggae ensemble and also great composer and contra-bass player) and Gino D’Ignazio (Sax / Trumpet) are playng and travelling all around Europe and Italy as “In Trio Acoustic Shades” a very fresh and interesting Live Project of Etno, Jazz and Experimental sounds. After his recent participation at the musical project “CARILLON DE L’AFRIQUE” (Marcus Fayel—Senegal), Rossella continue also her collaboration with the Rome “Act Theatre”, another stunning appointment for one of the most talented Jazzy voices in Italy.