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GREENLAB is a project born in the 1999 from the union of three artists, musicians and producers: Roberto Leprotti (drums, synths and programming), Federico Mazzoli (bass and synth) and Simone Galgano (synths and programming).

After a positive international feed-back of the first L.P. / CD "ECHOSYSTEM" (2008, Irma Records/One Eyed Fish Records), for the release of the second one called "ARTIFICIAL GARDEN", GREENLAB cooperated with the Liverpool’s singer/vocalist Leza Boyland, emerging underground UK phenomenon already known for the recent Hit Single "Music Watching Over Me" released on ‘Crosstown Rebel’ and composed by the sublime Top Dj Deniz Kurtel (New York U.S.A. / Turkey).

Guests of prestigious stages at international music festivals, fine dinner clubs and chill out events of all kinds, GREENLAB always captivate with their eclectic “Space Funk” , their elaborated Trip Hop rhythms and their deep-space sounds mixed with strong and solid bass grooves.

The GREENLAB L.P. / CD ”ARTIFICIAL GARDEN" (2012 Irma Records) is an album which includes a vast array of collaborations: the above mentioned wonderful voice of Leza Boyland (masterly recorded by Frank Nemola, Musician / Audio Engineer / Producer and basic member of the italian rockstar Vasco Rossi official band), the superlative guitars of Cosimo Giglio (aka COSMAX, now based in Vietnam after 3 years of China), the mediterranean instruments masterfully played by Domenico Canzoniero (aka Pineal), the sound of the hypnotic Didjeridoo by Gabriele Gubbelini (aka ORGANIC SHAPES / Tubus in Fabula) and the skilful final mixing of the Sound Engineer Mr. Nicola Bavaro at 100B Studio - Italy. This Album does take a sound dimension that becomes both powerful and engaging.

The 2013 is a new year full of interesting projects and the beginning of an important collaboration with the new italian Dupstep talent called SQUAREKNOT (aka Andrea Caneparo from Turin - Italy), known through the Czech based label DREAMFALL RECORDS good friendship.

After closing with him two stunning Dubstep and D'n’B Remixes of the single "Remember Who You Are" composed by the Indie/Pop UK singer Gareth Icke and present in his album

“A Brand new Battle”, they've continued this sinergy creating the "HEALING E.P." (2013 - IRMA Records). This GREENLAB single track was performed by the world-famous vocalist and singer Mr. BABYLONIA aka Ricardo Phillips. This E.P. contains Remixes of the HEALING single track released by SQUAREKNOT, COOKED AUDIO (aka Francesco Lugi - Frankfurt - DE) and MONSTERTUNE (aka Joao Cesèr, already known as SNIPPLERS and now official artist of O'CLOCK RECORDS, a new label founded and managed by the Pornorockerz and Fresh Pump, focused on future techno / tech house / acid and all the dancefloor sounds).

Currently GREENLAB are in Studio for their 3rd album, one of the most important and inspired production of this volcanic trio.